"Butterfly Fields" is an accessible, scalable, social game for 15-60 players that encourages players to meet and mingle in social situations. Originally developed for my birthday party, the positive response of guests that made new connections and learned more about their existing friends convinced me to continue iterating. The game contains secret challenges, fun icebreakers, and intimate questions to allow players to cut loose, be vunerable, and grow closer. Combine that with the ability for players to join and leave at any time with no penalty for rejoining, and you have the recipe for an incredible party where everyone is a social butterfly. 
Design Highlights:
Highly accessible with all parts of the game able to be enjoyed by people from a wide array of identities and physical abilities
Scales up and down instantly during play to situate it as a party activity, but not the only thing to do
Designed with players and connections in mind so that players get to direct the experience they want to have

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