The Kinematic Intimacy Sticker System or K.I.S.S. was designed for the Object Oriented Orgasm Hackathon as part of Commiserate Chicago. Using soft circuitry and skin-safe adhesive, we created an inviting, accessible, and fun way to explore touch and intimacy that placed consent and the players at the forefront of the experience. As opposed to traditional 'bedroom' games, players of K.I.S.S. have complete autonomy to customize how and where they want to explore touch. Using the wearable, soft circuit stickers, players use small devices to touch and activate the stickers which causes the sticker wearer to receive a sensation based on the output module they chose at the start of the game. 

One of the wearable receivers. This is what receives touch and activates a sensory output.

Three sensory output stickers. They rumble, tickle, or glide when hooked into a receiver that is touched.

A wearable activator. This is what is used to touch other's stickers and receivers. 

Design Highlights:
Consent-first rules model where players set their own boundaries and engagement
Modular soft circuit components allow for different playstyles every time
Place the stickers anywhere for any body or mobility level

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